List of real tennis organizations

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Real tennis organizations: a list of associations and clubs for the sport of real tennis.

Real tennis in Paris, 17th century.
Middlesex University
Bristol and Bath
Falkland Palace
Harbour Club (now closed)
Hardwick House
Jesmond Dene
Newmarket and Suffolk
Petworth House



Four courts are in use.

Governing body:

Sporting clubs with own courts:

Other Sporting clubs:


Three real tennis courts are in use; four trinquet courts are in use in south-west France.

Governing body:

Sporting clubs:

There is also a plan to restore a court currently in an unplayable condition in Chinon: [4]


No courts are in use, but two exist in unplayable condition, at Dublin University and on Lambay Island.

Governing body:


No courts are in use.

Governing body:

Sporting clubs:

  • Real Tennis Club Huis ter Kleef, Haarlem: historic court in need of renovation

United KingdomEdit

Twenty-eight courts are in use. There is a court in unplayable condition in Troon, Scotland.

Governing body:

Sporting clubs:

Private estate:

Schools and Colleges with own courts:

Schools and Colleges which play at other courts:

United StatesEdit

Ten courts are in use.

Governing body:

Sporting clubs:

Private estates:

Schools and Colleges:


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