Real Detroit Weekly

Real Detroit Weekly (often called just Real Detroit) was a weekly newspaper distributed free of charge every Wednesday from 1999 to 2014, that focused mainly on entertainment news from metro Detroit. It had a proportion of advertisements similar to the Metro Times (and some of the same advertisers). Both publications were usually available at the same establishments. In May 2014, the two papers merged.[1]

Real Detroit Weekly
TypeAlternative weekly
FormatArts and Entertainment
PublisherJohn J. Badanjek
Ceased publication2014
Headquarters615 S. Washington Ave Royal Oak, MI 48067
 United States
OCLC number702905552

Real Detroit was a cornerstone for local music and arts. Their collection of unique writers worked hard to keep that fact shining high. For most bands between 1999-2004, Real Detroit was their first or pivotal piece of press.


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Writers and editors included
BJ Hammerstein 
Jonathan Mahalak 
Shannon McCarthy