Raynald of Nocera

Raynald was a Benedictine monk and Bishop of Nocera Umbra. Born around 1150, in the village of Postignano, near Nocera Umbra, Italy, to parents of German descent.[1]

Saint Raynald
Bishop of Nocera Umbra
Bornca. 1150
Postignano, Nocera Umbra, Italy
Died9 February 1217
Nocera Umbra, Italy
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
CanonizedXIII Century
Major shrineNocera Umbra's Dome
Feast9 February
AttributesMitre and Crosier
PatronageNocera Umbra, Italy

He entered the Benedictine congregation of Fonte-Avellana. He was at the monastery of S. Maria di Vallemergo in 1199, along with Trasimundus, the future bishop of Senigallia.[2] He was elected Prior of the monastery of Santa Croce di Fonte Avellana, though the date is unknown. On 7 February 1218 Prior Rinaldo and his monastery were taken under the protection of the Holy See by Pope Honorius III, renewing the privilege granted by Pope Innocent II in 1139.[3] In 1218, he accompanied Bishop Gerard of Ancona and Bishop Trasimundus of Senigallia to Fano, to negotiate the release of the imprisoned Bishop Riccardo.[4] In September 1218, he visited the monastery of S. Esuperanzio in Cingoli, where he acted as witness to a grant to the monastery. He then visited Senigallia, where his congregation received a gift, and finally returned to his own monastery at Fonte Avellano.[5]

He was appointed Bishop of Nocera Umbra in 1213.[6] He was a close friend of S. Francis of Assisi. He was one of the seven bishops who consecrated the church of the Porziuncula at Assisi, and proclaimed the indulgence.[7] He served as Bishop of Nocera until his death in 1217.[8]


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