Raymond Poisson

Raymond Poisson (1630–1690) was a French actor and playwright. Mainly a comic actor, he used the stage names Crispin in comedy and Belleroche in tragedy.[1]

Poisson as Crispin


Poisson joined the company of the Hôtel de Bourgogne in Paris, primarily as a comic rival to Molière, who played at the Palais-Royal.[1] As a comedian Poisson wore a black servant costume in a Spanish style[1] and was noted for his stutter.[2] He appropriated the character of Crispin from Scarron's L'Écolier de Salamanque (1654), playing it himself,[2] and wrote and appeared in Lubin (1660) and Le Baron de la Crasse (1661).[1]

He became a founding member of the Comédie-Française in 1680.[3] His son Paul and his grandsons Philippe and Francois-Arnoul all became actors, whilst his granddaughter Madeleine-Angélique de Gomez became a writer.


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