Ranieri Filo della Torre literary prize

Ranieri Filo della Torre (or Premio letterario internazionale Ranieri Filo della Torre) is an international literary prize for writing about extra virgin olive oil.[1] It is sponsored by the Italian association of women professionals in the olive oil sector, Pandolea Association.[2] It is open to authors of poems, short stories and scientific papers on the subject of extra virgin olive oil. The first award was in 2017.[3]






  • Science: Doctoral thesis: Elisa Pannucci, "Novel applications of plant-derived polyphenolic compounds"
  • Master's thesis: Giulia Vicario, "Near UV-Vis and NMR spectroscopic analysis of Tuscan extra-virgin olive oils"
  • Bachelor's thesis:
    • Maddalena Lo Gatto, "Qualitative/quantitative analysis of Hydroxytyrosol Oleate in oil matrices"
    • Irene Raggi, "Rapid evaluation of extra virgin olive oil using PTR-ToF-MS technology: the case of the municipality of Calenzano"
  • Poetry: Bruno Fiorentini, L’Olivo (The olive tree)
  • Fiction: Antonio Moresi, Olio e vita (Oil and life)


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