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The office of Ranger of Windsor Great Park was established to oversee the protection and maintenance of the Great Park at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. The ranger has always been somebody close to the monarch.

Apart from a single 15th century reference to the office, it appears to have been created in 1601. From the time of appointment of Baptist May - often claimed to be the most trusted friend of King Charles II[1] - the ranger has been given the use of the Great Lodge (now called Cumberland Lodge) as a residence. One of the most famous rangers was Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, who was given the position by her friend, Queen Anne, in 1702. Officially, at least, she shared the office with other family members. After her death, the rangership was given to successive trusted friends and family members of the British Royal Family. The office is currently held by The Duke of Edinburgh.

Cumberland Lodge within the Park ceased to be the official residence for the rangers in 1917. In 1947, George VI gave the house to the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Foundation of St Katharine's, who continue to have the use of the building.


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The Ranger's role is to guide the direction and overall operations of the Park. The current ranger (HRH Prince Philip) has tried to make it more open to the public, more sustainable, and to keep it going for future generations. In an interview for the BBC TV programme "The Queen's Castle" he gave a tour of the Park, explained his thoughts and actions in making decisions to open the Farm Shop, cut down trees, move various facilities, and to open up the park to deer as well as people.[2]


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