Randers Tropical Zoo

Randers Tropical Zoo (Danish: Randers Regnskov) is an indoor zoo in Randers, Denmark. It is located in three big domes, with the biomes of Africa, Asia, and South America. The domes contain animals from the biomes, and most of the animals live freely in the domes. In addition there are many reptiles, a snakeyard with free harmless snakes, and a saltwater aquarium with tropical fish.

Randers Tropical Zoo
Randers regnskov.jpg
The three domes of the zoo
Date opened1996
LocationRanders, Denmark
Coordinates56°27′25″N 10°01′58″E / 56.45694°N 10.03278°E / 56.45694; 10.03278Coordinates: 56°27′25″N 10°01′58″E / 56.45694°N 10.03278°E / 56.45694; 10.03278
No. of speciesCa. 275[1]

The zoo first opened with two domes (Africa and Asia); the third being built later.[3] In total there are approximately 275 animal species in Randers Tropical Zoo; about 200 in the domes and 75 in the saltwater aquarium.[1] The South American dome is 2,000 m2 (22,000 sq ft) and is home to species such as South American tapir, West Indian manatee, callitrichid monkeys and macaws,[4] the African dome is 500 m2 (5,400 sq ft) and is home to species such as lemurs,[5] and the Asian dome is 700 m2 (7,500 sq ft) and is home of species such as pileated gibbon and Komodo dragon.[6] In 2015, an exhibit for jaguars opened, which is the first located outside the domes.[7] Adjacent to the domes is Danmarksparken ("Denmark Park") with farm animals and playgrounds.[8]

The climate inside the domes is controlled by computers because the length of daylight hours varies much more in Denmark than in tropical latitudes.


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