Ramón Baglietto

Ramón Baglietto Martínez (Bilbao, 1936 - Azcoitia, 1980) was a Spanish politician, councillor of UCD in the municipality of Azcoitia (Guipúzcoa), who was killed by the terrorist organization ETA on May 12, 1980.[1]


Born in Bilbao on January 6, 1936, Ramón Baglietto was a member of Unión de Centro Democrático, and rose to the position of deputy mayor. Baglietto also owned a furniture store in Elgóibar.  At the time of his murder, he had two children aged 9 and 13, and he also was city councillor of Azcoitia as was his sister, Nieves.

On May 12, 1980, he was leaving Elgóibar in his Seat 127 when a Seat 131, occupied by Kándido Azpiazu Beristain and José Ignacio Zuazolazigorraga Larrañaga, pulled up next to him, and the two shot him with a machine gun and a pistol. Ramon's vehicle crashed and became embedded in a tree, and Azpiazu got out of the Seat 131 and killed Baglietto with a shot in the head. The terrorists fled and abandoned the vehicle, but the two murderers, along with three other individuals, were arrested days later by the security forces.[2]

Kándido Azpiazu was sentenced to 49 years and two months in prison, but in 1990 was granted parole.[3] Azpiazu bought a store and set up a glassware shop in the basement of the Azcoitia building where the widow and the two sons of Baglietto were currently living.[4]

The widow of Baglietto, Pilar Elías, joined the People´s party lists for the municipal elections, and was a councillor in the municipality of Azcoitia from 1995 until 2011. Ramon's sister, Nieves Baglietto, left the Basque Country after receiving threats from violent groups.[5]


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