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Ralph W. Hull (July 5, 1883 – May 20, 1943) was born in Crooksville, Ohio[1] and grew up to be an American magician (specialty card magic) and magic author who invented a number of commercial effects, including the Mirage Deck (1934), and the Mental Photography Deck / Nudist Deck (1934).[2]

Ralph W. Hull
Ralph W. Hull

July 5, 1883 (1883-07-05)
DiedMay 20, 1943 (1943-05-21) (aged 59)
Occupationmagician, author
Known forsleight of hand, card magic

He was also involved in his family business, the well known Hull Pottery manufacturing company out of Ohio.[3] He is best known for the mechanical decks he developed using his rough and smooth principle.[4]

Ralph W. Hull was also a performer at Coney Island as the Chautauqua & Lyceum headliner.[5]


Published worksEdit

  • Eye-Openers (1932)
  • More Eye-Openers (1933)
  • Modernism in Pasteboards (with Nelson C. Hahne) (1934)
  • Smart Magic (with Nelson C. Hahne) (1935)
  • Fifteen Minutes With A Rope (1937)
  • The Testament of Ralph W. Hull by Trevor Hall (1945)

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