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Rakt Sambandh

Rakt Sambandh (Hindi: रक्त सम्बन्ध, English: Blood Relations) is a multi-star cast thriller show. Rakt Sambandh aired on Monday 19 July 2010 on NDTV Imagine.[1] A visually impaired young woman with the help of four supportive elder sisters and a loving father has overcome her difficulties to lead a normal life. But life takes a different turn, when she finds her father dead under mysterious circumstances on her wedding day. With the affection showered by her husband Yuvraj and his family, Sandhya begins to smile again… but not for too long. Unknown to her, Sandhya's new family have a deep, dark secret… How will she react when she discovers the truth about her husband?

Rakt Sambandh
Janam Janam Ka Saath
Created by UTV Software Communications
Written by Story & Screenplay
Prashanth Jadhav
Dheeraj Sarna
Deepti Rawal
Directed by Santosh Kohle & Ashish Patil
Starring See below
Theme music composer Lalit Sen
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 185
Producer(s) Prashanth Jhadav
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) UTV Tele Talkies
Original network Imagine TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original release 19 July 2010 – 1 April 2011

It is currently aired on Pudhuyugam TV, dubbed into Tamil as Vizhiye Kadhai Ezhudhu, and on Zee Anmol.




The drama begins with Sandhya's wedding. She is the youngest of Shamrao Savratkar's five daughters. Shamrao is a teacher in a government school. His daughters are introduced along with their husbands. Sandhya gets married to Yuvraj Jagirdar, who belongs to a very rich family from Gwalior. Sandhya is blind — she lost her eyesight as well as her mother in an accident when she was just four years old. At the end of the wedding, everyone is waiting for Shamrao to give his blessings to the newlyweds. It comes as a shock that Shamrao Savratkar has committed suicide by hanging himself. They have an intimate night together.

Shamrao Savratkar's 12th day death rituals are being performed. Nobody believes that there could be any reason so strong for Shamrao Savratkar to commit suicide and that, too, on his daughter's wedding day. But one has to move on so all five sisters and their families decide to leave for their respective homes. Inspector Bhonsle, who is in charge of this suicide case, shocks everyone by telling them that Shamrao did not commit suicide: He was murdered. The handwriting of the suicide note didn't match Shamrao's; it was from Maruti Kamble who was at the marriage hall. Inspector shows his photo to all the people and asks whether they knew him. No one recognizes him, except Mohan, Shamrao's fourth daughter Shreya's husband. Mohan, even though denies in front of the police, clearly knows the man and even tries calling him.

Mohan goes to the cameraman who recorded the wedding. He says to him delete all scenes where he is found with a particular guy. Little does he know that the cameraman has a deal with Inspector Bhonsole. The deal is that not to tell anyone that he has an unedited footage.

Sandhya is trying to put her pain aside for the sake of everyone else as they're trying hard to make her feel comfortable. Neeraj is introduced, son of Ramesh Pradhan, who was Jagirdar's loyal accountant. When Neeraj was seven years old he lost his parents in a car accident and since then the Jagirdars have brought him up as their own son. Coincidentally, Neeraj had seen Sandhya once in Kolhapur when she was on tour with her father at Shraddha's place and fell in love at first sight. He had even taken her photographs but couldn't find her ever later. He is shocked to learn that Sandhya is Yuvraj's wife.

Neeraj is trying to cover up his shock of seeing Sandhya as Yuvraj's wife. All the family members notice a change in Neeraj because he is known to be a jolly person. He decides to get over his love for Sandhya and is convinced that she is happy with Yuvraj. He deletes all her photos from his laptop so as to not create any misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Mohan, with his friend, is able to trace Maruti Kamble on his phone and find out where he has been staying since Shamrao's murder. Maruti tells them that he didn't do anything, but someone had asked him to write the suicide note and in return had promised him money. But when he found out that Shamrao was killed, the same people had asked him to stay away and made him stay in a lodge so that no one gets in touch with him. Mohan and his friend go straight to Inspector Bhonsle and inform him about Maruti Kamble and the lodge he is staying. All of them go to the lodge but find Maruti Kamble dead, hanging from a tree.

Rohit gives some papers to Shradha saying he should get her father's house in his name. Later by mistake Sandhya enters the storeroom where she bumps into a woman tied on a chair. Sandhya tries to speak to the women, but she can't. Just then DK comes into the room and says that there is no one in the room; he was lying. The Jagirdars convince Sandhya that there is no one in the room. Even Neeraj accepts the situation that it's his fate that Sandhya has married Yuvraj and he should not think about her anymore. At the party, Sunita, DK's wife is introduced and she turns out to be the same woman who was tied up in the storeroom. She acts very normal in the party. When Sandhya holds her hand, she recognizes the touch and is sure that it is the same woman who was tied in the storeroom. Sunita is shocked because she had thought that Sandhya would never be able to recognize her. Sunita leaves and Sandhya is left puzzled.

Yuvraj gets angry at Sandhya for the first time on the issue of Sunita. Sandhya apologetically promises to Yuvraj that she won't bring up that woman's topic again. Sandhya apologises to Sunita as well. Sunita comes to know that Sandhya's father had died on the wedding day. She asks DK if that is true. DK confirms this and says that it's all because of her, because of her madness. She is the one responsible for all this and that whole family is somehow trying to come out of it all. He warns her to stay away Sandhya so that she does not find out the truth.

The mysteries unfoldEdit

Mohan convinces the police that he didn't write the suicide note, and it was Maruti Kamble who did that. He also tells the same to Shreya as well. Shreya tells him that she has complete faith on him. DK asks Sunita how did Sandhya recognize her even though she is blind. Sunita replies that she recognized her by touching her bracelet. He then tells her to keep her mouth shut and do not tell anything to Sandhya. Sunita finds out from Sandhya that her father died on her wedding day, and it was probably a murder. She then gets suspicious and asks DK about the matter. He tells her that she herself is responsible for it. He tells her how Sandhya's Baba heard them all talking when Sunita was trying to reveal everything to him. He tells her to keep her mouth shut if she wants to stay alive.

Puru asks Neeraj to shift in the room next to Sandhya for her convenience. From the backdoor Sunita goes to meet some old people when DK catch her on the way and he as usual threatens her. Sunita hears Pankaj giving a bundle of money to Sarla which she keeps in the cupboard. She then finds the right time and steals the money. Sandhya feels it but, before she could do anythin,g Sunichachi takes them all and leaves. Everyone is tense over the money fiasco. Sandhya doesn't take Sunita's name. Later, when she encounters Sunita alone, she asks her about the money. Sunita reveals that she has stolen the money for her parents. Sandhya goes in the temple with Yuvraj where Dr Pushpa Nigam sees them and is shocked to see him married. Jayesh goes to meet a woman in the slum area. Yuvraj sees Dr Pushpa Nigam in the temple; he gets tense and rushes home. He is then starts getting severe attacks as now his truth will come out. Dr Pushpa comes to meet the Jagirdar family. She encounters Sandhya and is surprised by her sensing ability. Prabha calls Pushpa in her room. Dr Pushpa reveals that Yuvraj is 'eunuch' and the need to lie to Sandhya. Everyone says her that they don't want her permission to handle their personal matters.

Yuvraj's secret is outEdit

Prabha tells Pushpa that she will do anything for her son's happiness. Sharadha comes to visit Savita's house when she gets a call from Rohit. He asks her whether she has taken her sisters' signatures on the papers or no. Shraddha replies him that neither she will sign the papers nor will her sisters. Later Puru goes to Neeraj's room and tells him that he has to sleep with Sandhya and say the child will be Yuvraj's. Yuvraj can not father a baby. Sandhya is blind so she won't know who it is and she will think it was Yuvraj. He is sent to Shimla where Yuvraj and Sandhya have gone for their honeymoon. It's night and Yuvraj calls Neeraj into the room where Sandhya is. But the plan goes in vain as Sandhya feels the presence of Neeraj. Neeraj gets upset as on what was he trying to do and later tells Yuvraj as well. Yuvraj reveals why he got married to Sandhya; he says that he came to know about Neeraj's feelings for Sandhya and he saw her photo in his room. He also tells him why he chose Sandhya to marry because that won't be a problem for Neeraj to come close to her as he loves her. Hearing all their preplanning Neeraj gets shattered and leaves the hotel. Savita meets Inspector Bhonsole and finds out that her father's murder case has been closed and that he has been shifted to a different department. The Jagirdars learn about Sandhya's ability to feel everyone's presence around her. DK suggests everyone how they will fool Sandhya so that she will start doubting her sensing abilities. All of them try ample times to fool her, and they succeed to some extent. Their plan goes in vain when Neeraj breaks his silence and reveals that everyone is fooling her, and she is perfect with her abilities.

Sandhya finds something weirdEdit

Savita invites all the sisters to her house. The Jagirdars feel that Sandhya will tell her sisters the weird things going on with her, so they send Yuvraj with her. Neeraj gets threatened that if he tells Sandhya anything then he will get killed. Sandhya tries to tell Sakshi everything but can't. Sandhya is getting more and more suspicious. She puts her phone in Yuvraj's coat switched on so she can sit in her room and hear everything going on through the room phone. Yuvraj and Neeraj have an argument; Neeraj says that Yuvraaj is a eunuch and Sandhya hears this. Later Yuvraj finds Sandhya's phone switched on and finds out that she knows his secret. After that, she gets tortured every day. When DK and Yuvraj are drunk Sandhya finds out that the Jagirdars killed her Baba. DK then asks Yuvraj if he slept with Sandhya to give Yuvraj a child. He says yes. DK tries to rape her but Neeraj comes at the right time. Sandhya and Neeraj run away.

Sandhya escapes the trap ... or has she?Edit

Sandhya's Baba's shradh day arrives. The sisters invite Sandhya to attend the shradh but, as Neeraj and Sandhya eloped, the Jagirdars unwillingly had to attend. Sandhya and Neeraj head for Mumbai. There she doesn't go inside Savita's house as the Jagirdars remain present for the shradh but prays for her Baba from outside. Yuvraj finds them and takes Sandhya with him. DK throws Neeraj off a cliff. Yuvraj and Sandhya are traveling in car on a hillside road. Sandhya finds out that they killed Neeraj. She grabs the steering wheel, and the car falls down the hill. Yuvraj jumps out, but Sandhya is still in the car. DK comes and they look in the car and find out that Sandhya's body is missing. Gayatri Devi was following Yuvraj. She goes to the burned car, gets Sandhya out, and takes her to the hospital.

The major transformationEdit

Sandhya gets her eyesight back and Gayatri Devi tells her she will help her get justice. She will go back in the Jagirdar house and get revenge but as blind Sandhya. Pankaj sees Vrinda in a village but not as a tapori girl. Pankaj tells the others. They find Vrinda in the hut and tell her they need her help as Yuvraj is in jail for Sandhya's murder. She agrees to help them for a large sum of money, they agree. Yuvraj is out of jail. A few days later, Sandhya's sisters come to visit. They say if you are his real daughter then swear on his life and say whether you were there on the shradh day she says yes. They conclude that she is fake, because she wasn't there (she was but they couldn't see her). After some time her sisters accepted her and she became happy. She meets Neiraj, but she doesn't tell her feelings of love for her. After some time Anjali loved Neeraj and Sandhiya falls in trouble now see on Imagine TV next episodes.


Original serialEdit

Rakt Sambandh was based on the Telugu serial Raktha Sambandham. The original serial was aired on 2009 in Gemini TV, starring Murali Mohan, Yamuna, Mounica and others.