Rake Community School District

Rake Community School District was a school district serving Rake, Iowa.

The Rake district and the Buffalo Center Community School District began sharing a superintendent, with the Buffalo Center superintendent taking the role, on July 1, 1975. At the time no other school district in Iowa had made this kind of arrangement. In 1977 the two districts proposed a merger, but the referendum to do so was voted down; the subsequent January 1978 referendum to do so passed. William H. Dreier of the University of Northern Iowa and Ronald Pilgrim, superintendent of Buffalo Center–Rake–Lakota Community School District, wrote that the 1977 vote failed by "a slim margin" but that the Buffalo Center district voters and Rake district voters "overwhelmingly approved" the 1978 referendum.[1] The merger with the Rake district into the Buffalo Center–Rake Community School District took place on July 1, 1978.[2]


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