Raja Dangdut

Raja Dangdut is a film directed by Maman Firmansyah.[1]

Raja Dangdut
poster film
Directed byMaman Firmansjah
Produced byNy. Lucy Sukardi
Written byRhoma Irama
StarringRhoma Irama
Ida Royani
Marlia Hardi
Aedy Moward
Netty Herawaty
Naniek Nurcahyani
Music byRhoma Irama
Edited byTantra Surjadi
Distributed byPT. Cipta Permai Indah Film
Release date
  • 1978 (1978)
Running time
102 minutes


Despite the already successful and have a lot of fans, Rhoma remains as usual, obedient to parents and pious. There was one girl fans are up to 100 times corresponded, Ida (Ida Royani). Rhoma sympathy and love. Ida thousands of poor widows seller hodgepodge. Rhoma's Mother (Netty Herawaty) Rhoma match with another girl, Mira (Naniek Nurcahyani) more modern and noble, while the father relented only Rhoma paralyzed. Rhoma reject the choice of his mother and his mother face challenges and Mira, among others booed Ida and went to shaman everything. Mira attitude that "modern" is not pleasing to Rhoma. After the accident and assisted Ida Mira, then Mira attitude changed. Then Ida and Rhoma officially married.



Raja Dangdut
Soundtrack album by
Rhoma Irama chronology
Begadang Raja Dangdut Cinta Segitiga

This album has 5 new songs by Rhoma Irama with vocals performed by Ida Royani.

Soundtrack film
No Title Singer
1 Rhoma-Ida Rhoma Irama & Ida Royani
2 Bunga Surga Rhoma Irama & Ida Royani
3 Laailahaillallah Rhoma Irama
4 Malapetaka Rhoma Irama
5 Mengapa Ida Royani


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