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Railways in Agra

Railway Map of Agra (the line to Jaipur has meanwhile been converted to broad gauge)

Agra has a north-south broad gauge line intersecting an east-west broad gauge line. The crossing is around the Rui Ki Mandi area where the east west line passes under the North South line.[1]

Two broad gauge lines come from Bharatpur and Bayana respectively. Both of these lines are single line while the later one is electrified. These two lines converge just before Idgah Jn. and the common line continues up to Tundla Jn on Delhi - Howrah line.


Railway StationsEdit

Agra railway stations are:

In AgraEdit

Near AgraEdit


Agra is well connected to most of the major cities in India.

Towards Maharashtra and Madhya pradeshEdit

There are direct trains between Agra and Mumbai, but all of them take around 24 hours. It is much better to take August Kranti Rajdhani Express or the Garib Rath which take only around 16 hours from Mathura, which is one hour's drive from Agra.

Towards Kolkata and North EastEdit

There are direct trains from Agra Fort Railway Station to Kolkata, most of them pass through Tundla Junction, which is a 40-minute drive from Agra.

Towards RajasthanEdit

There are many trains which go to jaipur and further westwards in Rajasthan. Most of them go via Bayana and Bharatpur.


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