Rail Delivery Group

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG), previously the Association of Train Operating Companies, is the British rail industry membership body that brings together passenger and freight rail companies, Network Rail and High Speed 2.

Rail Delivery Group
IndustryRail transport
PredecessorAssociation of Train Operating Companies, Rail Delivery Group
Founded24 October 2017
HeadquartersLondon, England, UK


From 24 October 2017, RDG replaced:

  • The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), comprising the passenger train operating companies. ATOC was set up by the train operators to ensure nationwide services – such as ticket acceptance and railcards – continued after the privatisation of the railways under the Railways Act 1993. ATOC also lobbied on the operators' behalf.
  • The former Rail Delivery Group, formed in 2011 to formulate policy and undertake communications on behalf of the entire rail industry. At first the group's members were the major passenger and freight train operator groups, together with Network Rail; membership was widened to all passenger and freight operators in 2013.[1]

The new RDG is owned by its members, which are:

The current RDG owns both the National Rail and 'Britain Runs on Rail' brands. The company's legal name continues to be ATOC Limited.[3]

Main operationsEdit

  • Revenue allocation and settlement through ORCATS systems
  • National Rail Enquiries
  • Railcard marketing
  • Staff travel arrangements for current and retired railway staff
  • International products, such as Britrail and Interrail
  • The relationship with Transport for London
  • The licensing of third party ticket sellers, such as travel agents and online sellers such as The Trainline and Red Spotted Hanky
  • Sponsorship of the Plusbus and Cycle-Rail schemes
  • Railway policy formulation
  • Industry communications with the public

It also produces the definitive National Routeing Guide, defining the validity of tickets, and has some input in the content of the National Fares Manual, which is distributed by the National Rail website. It works with RSG to coordinate shared objectives.

European equivalentsEdit

As rail franchising also takes place in other countries, most European countries have one or more equivalent organisations.

In Germany, the Tarifverband der Bundeseigenen und Nichtbundeseigenen Eisenbahnen in Deutschland (Tariff Association of Federal and Non-Federal Railways in Germany; TBNE) is responsible for railway ticket revenue distribution. Political representation of established companies is carried out by the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (VDV), whereas public relations of new entrant TOCs are chiefly dealt with by mofair e.V.

In Sweden, the equivalent organisation is the Branschföreningen Tågoperatörerna (Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies).

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