Radulf of Lincoln

Radulf or Ralph was a canon of the Bishopric of Lincoln and also identified as Master Radulf de Leicester . Following the death of Simon de Gunby, Bishop of Moray, he was elected c. 1252 as the new bishop. [1]

Radulf was one of at least three 12th and 13th century bishops of Moray to come from Lincolnshire. He may have been the Radulf, also from Lincoln, who appeared as a witness to a charter of Bishop Simon. There is no record of a consecration, though that cannot be regarded as firm evidence that no consecration took place. Radulf may have died before his consecration or may have become a casualty of the disruption that was taking place during the minority of Alexander III and which impacted on appointments to vacant bishoprics. [2] In 1253 there was a new bishop by the name of Archibald.


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Simon de Gunby
Bishop of Moray
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