Radio Mogadishu

Radio Mogadishu (Somali: Radio Muqdisho, Arabic: راديو مقديشو) is the federal government-run radio station of Somalia.[1]

Radio Mogadishu
First air date
HeadquartersMogadishu, Somalia
OwnerFederal Government of Somalia Director: Abdiaziz Afrika
Launch date
Official website
Radio Muqdisho
LanguageSomali, Arabic, English


Analog reels at Radio Mogadishu headquarters.

Established during the colonial period in Italian Somaliland, Radio Mogadishu initially broadcast news items in both Somali and Italian.[2] Transmissions in Somali at the station first began in 1957, concurrent with the start of Somali language programming in Radio Djibouti.[3] Radio Mogadishu was modernized with Russian assistance following independence in 1960, and began offering home service in Somali, Amharic and Oromo.[4]

After closing down operations due to the civil war that broke out in 1991, the station was officially re-opened in 23 August 2001 by the Transitional National Government of former President of Somalia Abdiqasim Salad Hassan.[5]

Radio Mogadishu analog-to-digital machine.

Prior to the Somali Army's ultimate pacification of the capital in August 2011, Radio Mogadishu operated from a walled compound guarded by armed soldiers. The station's staff routinely broadcast news, talk shows and music despite threats of violence.[6]

Radio Mogadishu presently broadcasts from downtown Mogadishu. In the late 2000s, the station also launched a complementary website of the same name, with news items in Somali, Arabic and English.[7] In 2013 Radio Mogadishu started the process of digitization of its archives, which dates back from 1951.[8]


  • Abdiaziz M Guled Afrika, director[6]
  • Abdilahi Qorshe, Chief Editor[6]
  • Mohamed Kaafi Sheikh Abukar Editor of Planning [6]

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