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Radical 24 meaning ten, complete, or perfect is one of 23 of the 214 Kangxi radicals that are composed of 2 strokes. "十" is two crossed lines. It was originally a vertical line, a pictogram of a needle (now 針), later supplemented by a dot in the center of the stroke which became a short cross-stroke and expanded to the current shape.

← 23 Radical 24 (U+2F17) 25 →
(U+5341) "ten"
Gwoyeu Romatzyh:shyr
Cantonese Yale:sahp
Pe̍h-ōe-jī:cha̍p (col.)
si̍p (lit.)
Kana:じゅう jū
Kanji:十偏 jūhen
Hangul:열 yeol
Sino-Korean:십 sip
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In the Kangxi Dictionary, there are 55 characters (out of 40,000) to be found under this radical.

Characters with Radical 24Edit

strokes characters
1 stroke 卂, 千, 卄
2 strokes 卅, 卆, 升, 午
3 strokes 卉, 半
4 strokes 卋, 卌, 卍, 华, 协, 卐, 毕
5 strokes
6 strokes 丧, 卑, 卒, 卓, 協, 单, 卖
7 strokes
8 strokes
9 strokes
10 strokes
19 strokes 卛, 颦


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