Rachida Krim

Rachida Krim (born February 17, 1955) is a French filmmaker and visual artist of Algerian descent.[1]


Rachida Krim was born in Alès, southern France, to parents from Western Algeria who were "rank and file members" of the National Liberation Front.[2] She studied painting and had several exhibitions after her graduation.[1] She began working in film in 1988 as a scriptwriter and in other capacities.[1] In 1992 she traveled to Algeria to make her first film, El Fatha. Her film Sous les pieds des femmes examined personal memories of the Algerian War.[2]




  • El Fatha [The Feast], short film, 1992[3]
  • Sous les pieds des femmes [Beneath the Feet of the Women], 1997[4]
  • Imra`a safira / La Femme dévoilée [The Unveiled Woman], 1998[4]


  • Houria, 5 part TV series about issues of sexuality and AIDS, 2002[1]
  • Pas si simple [Not That Simple], 2009[5]
  • Permis d'aimer [License to Love], TV movie, 2005[4]


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