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Rabbit Transit is an 8-minute Looney Tunes cartoon, directed by Friz Freleng, released in 1947, and starring Bugs Bunny and Cecil Turtle. The title is a play on "Rapid Transit".

Rabbit Transit
Directed byI. Freleng
Produced byEdward Selzer
Story byMichael Maltese
Tedd Pierce
StarringMel Blanc
Music byCarl W. Stalling
Animation byManuel Perez
Ken Champin
Virgil Ross
Gerry Chiniquy
A. C. Gamer (effects animation)
Layouts byHawley Pratt
Backgrounds byPhilip DeGuard
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
The Vitaphone Corporation
Release date
May 10, 1947 (USA)
Running time
8 minutes

Cecil and Bugs had previously raced each other in 1941's Tortoise Beats Hare and 1943's Tortoise Wins By a Hare. This cartoon was their final encounter. Unlike Tortoise Wins by a Hare, this cartoon presumes that Bugs and Cecil have never met before now.


While relaxing in a steam bath, Bugs reads about the original fable and, as he did reading the credits of Tortoise Beats Hare, becomes incensed at the idea of a turtle outrunning a rabbit. Cecil, also in the steam bath, claims that he could outrun Bugs, prompting Bugs to challenge him to a race (again, as in Tortoise Beats Hare, although at least here Bugs receives some provocation). This time, Bugs and Cecil agree to no cheating. Cecil, however, quickly reveals that his shell is now rocket propelled, allowing him to go a surprising combination between fast and slow. Bugs does his best to steal, dismantle, and destroy the device, but all to little effect. In the end, however, Bugs does manage to top the turtle and crosses the finish line first. Nevertheless, it is Cecil who has the last laugh when he rooks the rabbit into confessing to "doing 100 easy"—in a 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) speed zone. Bugs is taken away by the police to enjoy his victory—behind bars. Cecil closes the cartoon by restating one of Bugs's famous catch-phrases: "Ain't I"


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