RAAF University Squadrons

RAAF University Squadrons were formed in each state of Australia in 1950 as part of the Citizen Air Force (CAF).[1] They were formed to provide officer training to undergraduates who would then serve as commissioned officers in the RAAF General Reserve. Each squadron consisted of a number of specialist flights including: Flying, Medical, Equipment, Administrative and Technical. The squadrons were disbanded in 1973 following the end of conscription.[2] Approximately 3,100 commissioned officers were trained by the various squadrons over the period of 24 years.[3]

University squadronsEdit

New South WalesEdit

Formed as the Sydney University Squadron on 16 October 1950, its motto was Eadem Mens Alta Petendi (Latin: "In the Same Mind of Seeking the Heights").[4] The squadron changed its name to the New South Wales University Squadron in March 1967.[2] It was disbanded on 31 October 1973.[4]


Formed on 31 October 1950 in Brisbane, its motto was Peritus Ac Paratus (Latin: "Skilled and Ready"). It was disbanded on 25 August 1973.[5]

South AustralianEdit

Formed as the Adelaide University Squadron on 10 November 1950, its motto was Astra Pete Discendo (Latin: "Seek the Stars by Learning"). The squadron changed its name to the South Australian University Squadron on 11 January 1967. It was disbanded on 28 September 1973.[6]


Formed on 3 November 1950 in Hobart, its motto was Ingeniis Patuit Campus (Latin: "There is an Open Field for Talent"). It was disbanded on 25 August 1973.[7]


Formed on 25 October 1950 in Melbourne, its motto was Strength From Knowledge. It was disbanded on 18 October 1973.[8]

Western AustralianEdit

Formed on 30 October 1950 in Perth, its motto was Scientia Potentia (Latin: "Knowledge is Strength"). It was disbanded on 24 August 1973.[8]


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