R302 (South Africa)

The R302 is a Regional Route in South Africa that connects Bellville with Malmesbury.[1] It covers a distance of 54 kilometres (34 mi) in a north-south direction.

Regional route R302 shield

Regional route R302
Route information
Length54 km (34 mi)
Major junctions
South end R102 in Bellville
  N1 exit 23
R312 at Fisantekraal
R304 at Klipheuwel
R315 in Malmesbury
North end R45 in Malmesbury
Highway system
Numbered routes of South Africa


The route begins at an intersection with the R102 (Voortrekker Road) in Bellville. It runs along Durban Road, which soon splits into two one-way roads, the northbound road becoming Willie van Schoor Avenue while the southbound remains Durban Road. It crosses the N1 freeway at exit 23. The two directions rejoin at Tyger Valley and continue to Durbanville as Durbanville Avenue and then Main Road. In central Durbanville the route turns right and runs along Wellington Road before leaving the built-up area. At Fisantekraal it passes the western end of the R312, and at Klipheuwel it crosses and briefly overlaps the R304. It enters Malmesbury along Voortrekker Road, passing the eastern end of the R315 (Bokomo Road) before ending at the R45 (Piet Retief Street).


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