Quriqucha (Apurímac)

Quriqucha (Quechua quri gold, qucha lake, "gold lake", Hispanicized spelling Ccoricocha) is a lake in Peru. It is situated in the Apurímac Region, Andahuaylas Province, San Jerónimo District. Quriqucha lies southwest of the lakes Antaqucha and Wachuqucha, and northeast of the lake Suyt'uqucha.[1]

LocationApurímac Region, Andahuaylas Province, San Jerónimo District
Coordinates13°48′41″S 73°14′5″W / 13.81139°S 73.23472°W / -13.81139; -73.23472Coordinates: 13°48′41″S 73°14′5″W / 13.81139°S 73.23472°W / -13.81139; -73.23472
Basin countriesPeru

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