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Quintus Poppaedius Silo (sometimes seen as Pompaedius) (died 88 BC) was the leader of the Italian tribe of the Marsi and one of the leaders of the Italians during the Social War against Rome. He was a friend of Marcus Livius Drusus the Younger.

A story told by Plutarch tells of Silo, who made a visit to his friend Marcus Livius and met the children of the house. In a playful mood he asked the children's support for his cause. All of them nodded and smiled except Cato the Younger, who stared at the guest with most suspicious looks. Silo demanded an answer from him and seeing no response took Cato and hung him by the feet out of the window. Even then, Cato would not say anything.

After Drusus's murder, the Social War started and Silo became the military leader of the Marsii. At the start of the War, twelve Italian tribes formed Italia and Silo was elected one of two Italian consuls. Silo was given command of the Marsic group (Marsi, Paeligni, Vestini, Marrucini, Picentes, Frentani), whereas his consular colleague Gaius Papius Mutilus was given command of the Samnite group. Silo had successes in the early stages of the war, amongst which the defeat and death of Quintus Servilius Caepio the Younger, but after the fortunes of war turned, he was killed in battle in 88 BC by Drusus's brother Mamercus Aemilius Lepidus Livianus.


Silo appears as a supporting character in Colleen McCullough's second Masters of Rome novel The Grass Crown.