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Quintus Marcius Barea Soranus (consul 34)

Quintus Marcius Barea Soranus was a Roman senator who lived in the first half of the first century AD. He was suffect consul in 34 with Titus Rustius Nummius Gallus,[1] and proconsul of Africa in 41-43.

An inscription found in Hippo Regius provides information about Soranus.[2] His filiation in this inscription attests that his father's praenomen was Gaius. Soranus was one of the quindecimviri sacris faciundis, the collegia of Roman priests entrusted with the care of the Sibylline oracles, as well as having been appointed a fetial.

Other inscriptions recovered from the former province attest to his influence there: Soranus enfranchised a number of Africans, who afterwards used his gentilicum "Marcius" as their own.[3]


Soranus is known to have two sons: Quintus Marcius Barea Soranus, suffect consul of 52; and Quintus Marcius Barea Sura, the grandfather of Trajan.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Paullus Fabius Persicus,
and Lucius Vitellius

as Ordinary consuls
Suffect consul of the Roman Empire
with Titus Rustius Nummius Gallus
Succeeded by
Gaius Cestius Gallus, and
Marcus Servilius Nonianus

as Ordinary consuls