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Quintus Egrilius Plarianus was a Roman senator, who was active during the reigns of Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. He was suffect consul for one of the nundinia in the first half of AD 144, as the colleague of Lucius Aemilius Carus.[1] Plarianus was the son of Marcus Acilius Priscus Egrilius Plarianus; he also is known to have had a sister, Egrilia M.f. Plaria.[2] Although his family had its origins in Ostia,[3] it is likely he spent most of his life in Rome.

The only office besides the consulate Plarianus is known to have held was proconsular governor of Africa. An inscription from Avitta Bibba (now in Tunisia) attests he was governor of that province in the year 159, with his son Quintus Egrilius Plarianus as his legate or assistant.[4] While governing Africa, Plarianus received a letter from the literary figure Fronto, recommending one Julius Aquilinus for a job in his administration, praising the young man for his learning and eloquence.[5]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Lucius Hedius Rufus Lollianus Avitus,
and Titus Statilius Maximus

as ordinary consuls
Suffect consul of the Roman Empire
with Lucius Aemilius Carus
Succeeded by
ignotus, and
Quintus Laberius Licinianus

as suffect consuls