Quetzaltenango Cathedral

The Holy Spirit Cathedral[1] (Spanish: Catedral del Espíritu Santo de Quetzaltenango) also called Quetzaltenango Cathedral, is a Catholic church in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.[2][3] It was founded by the conquistadors,[4] shortly after having defeated the legendary local hero Tecun Uman. The city was dedicated by the Spanish to the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit Cathedral
Catedral del Espíritu Santo de Quetzaltenango
Catedral of Quetzaltenango.jpg
Country Guatemala
DenominationRoman Catholic Church
Architectural typechurch

This church, one of the first to be founded in Quetzaltenango, contains two of the most revered images of the region: The Divine Just Judge and the Virgin of the Rosary. The two images come out in procession on Good Friday and during the holidays in October respectively.

The present Cathedral suffered at least 3 changes in the last modification remained the facade.

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