Quelli della notte was an Italian late night variety show, broadcast on Rai 2 in 1985.

Created and hosted by Renzo Arbore, it lasted 33 episodes.[1][2] A parody of serious talk shows, it started with an audience of 800,000 people and raised up to 3 million and a 51% share.[1][2] Its cast included Nino Frassica, Maurizio Ferrini, Riccardo Pazzaglia, Marisa Laurito, Roberto D'Agostino, Simona Marchini, Giorgio Bracardi, Massimo Catalano, Gianni Mazza.[1][2] Andy Luotto, who played an Arabic character, Sheik Harmand, following a protest by the Association of Italian Muslims and some serious threats, was forced to abandon the program after a few episodes.[1][2][3]

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