Queen Janggyeong

Yun Myung-hye (10 August 1491 – 16 March 1515), of the Papyeong Yun clan, was the wife and second queen consort of Yi Yeok, King Jungjong, the 11th Joseon monarch. She was Queen consort of Joseon from 1507 until her death in 1515. She was posthumously honoured with the title Queen Janggyeong or Queen Jang-Kyung.

Queen Janggyeong
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure1507 – 1515
BornYun Myung-hye
10 August 1491
Kingdom of Joseon
Died16 March 1515 (1515-03-17) (aged 23)
Hanseong, Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseYi Yeok, King Jungjong
Posthumous name
HousePapyeong Yun
FatherYun Yeo-Pil
MotherLady Suncheon of the Suncheon Park clan


Yun Myung-hye was born on 10 August 1491 during the last years reign of King Seongjong. Her father, Yun Yeo-pil, was member of the Papyeong Yun clan and her mother was member of the Suncheon Park clan (순천 박씨, 順天 朴氏). She was the fifth child within her six siblings and the fourth daughter within her five sisters, and her only older brother. Through her father, Yun Myung-hye is a third cousin of Queen Munjeong and is a great-grandniece of Queen Jeonghui.

Because her mother died at a young age after she gave birth to her younger sister, her maternal aunt, Grand Internal Princess Seungpyeong of the Suncheon Park clan, had raised her in her mother’s stead. Although Yun Yeo-pil did not remarry, Yun Myung-hye did have a younger half-sister. But her family or father’s ancestry does not mention any record of a concubine or second mother besides her younger half-sister’s name and birth year.

Myung-hye’s eldest sister, Lady Papyeong, married Prince Deokpung (her half-cousin), who was the son of Grand Prince Wolsan (a son of Queen Insu) and the step-son of her maternal aunt.

In 1506 (during King Jungjong’s first year of reign), Yun Myung-hye had entered the palace as a concubine for the King within the inner court list, granted the title Suk-ui (숙의, 淑儀), junior 2nd rank concubine of the King. After Queen Dangyeong was deposed, Yun Suk-ui had been chosen from the other concubines, and had became the Queen Consort of Joseon.

On 13 June 1511, the Queen gave birth to Princess Hyohye, the eldest daughter of King Jungjong, and on 10 March 1515, she later gave birth to a son, Yi Ho, the future King Injong.


The Queen died six days later in Gyeongbok Palace within the quarters of Gong Palace’s Byeol Hall at the age of 24 due to postpartum sickness. She was buried in Hwireung within the city of Goyang, Gyeonggi Province and posthumously honoured with the title Queen Janggyeong or Queen Jang-Kyung.


After her death, her husband married a daughter of Yun Ji-im of the Papyeong Yun clan, later she posthumously honoured as Queen Munjeong and gave birth to Princess Uihye, Princess Hyosun, Princess Gyeonghyeon, the future King Myeongjong of Joseon, and Princess Insun.

According to an unofficial chronicle, her son, King Injong’s reign had lasted only 9 months. With politically indifferences and trying to received the motherly love from his stepmother, it was speculated that Queen Munjeong had slowly poisoned her stepson, King Injong, by feeding him a tteok (rice cake). Which resulted him dying on 7 August 1545 thus giving the throne to her biological son, King Myeongjong of Joseon (King Injong’s younger half-brother). Queen Munjeong had also became Queen Regent throughout the reign of her son until she died on 5 August 1565.



  • Father − Yun Yeo-Pil (1466 – 1555) (윤여필, 尹汝弼)
    • 1) Grandfather − Yun Bo (? – 1494) (윤보, 尹甫)
      • 2) Great-Grandfather − Yun Sa-yoon (윤사윤, 尹士昀) (1409 - 7 December 1461); Queen Jeonghui’s second older brother
        • 3) Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Byeon (윤번, 尹璠) (1384 - 1448); Queen Jeonghui’s father
          • 4) Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Seung-rye (윤승례, 尹承禮) (? - 13 October 1397)
            • 5) Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Cheok (윤척, 尹陟)
            • 5) Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother − Lady Lee of the Jeonui Lee clan (전의 이씨)
          • 4) Great-Great-Great-Grandmother − Lady Kwon of the Andong Kwon clan (안동 권씨)
        • 3) Great-Great-Grandmother − Grand Internal Princess Consort Hongnyeong of the Incheon Lee clan (흥녕부대부인 인천 이씨)
      • 2) Great-Grandmother − Lady Choi of the Suwon Choi clan (부산현부인 수원 최씨, 釜山縣夫人 水原崔氏)
    • 1) Grandmother − Lady Yi of the Jeonju Yi clan (정부인 전주 이씨, 貞夫人 全州 李氏)
  • Mother − Lady Suncheon of the Suncheon Park clan (순천부부인 순천 박씨, 順天府夫人 順天 朴氏)
    • 1) Grandfather − Park Jong-seon (1435 – 1481) (박중선)
    • 1) Grandmother − Lady Heo of the Yangcheon Heo clan (양천 허씨)[1]
  • Aunt − Grand Internal Princess Consort Seungpyeong of the Suncheon Park clan (승평부대부인 박씨, 昇平府大夫人 朴氏) (1455 - 20 July 1506). Husband: Grand Prince Wolsan (월산대군, 月山大君) (5 January 1454 - 22 January 1488); Queen Insu’s son
    • Half-cousin − Yi Yi, Prince Deokpung (덕풍군 이이, 德豊君 李恞) (20 August 1485 - 26 March 1506)[2]
  • Aunt − Lady Park of the Suncheon Park clan (순천 박씨, 順天 朴氏). Husband: Shin Mu-jeong (신무정, 辛武鼎)
  • Aunt − Lady Park of the Suncheon Park clan (순천 박씨, 順天 朴氏). Husband: Lee Dak (이탁, 李鐸)
  • Aunt − Lady Park of the Suncheon Lark clan (순천 박씨, 順天 朴氏). Husband: Han Ik (한익, 韓翊) (1460 - 1488)[3]
    • Cousin − Han Se-chang (한세창, 韓世昌)
    • Cousin − Han Suk-chang (한숙창, 韓叔昌) (1478 - 1537)[4][5]
  • Aunt − Lady Park of the Suncheon Park clan (순천 박씨, 順天 朴氏). Husband: Kim Jun (김준, 金俊)
  • Uncle − Park Won-jong (박원종, 朴元宗) (1467 - 1510). Wife: Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평 윤씨)
    • Adoptive cousin − Royal Noble Consort Gyeong of the Suncheon Park clan (경빈 박씨, 敬嬪 朴氏) (1492 - 1533)[6]
    • Half-cousin − Park On (박운, 朴雲)
  • Aunt − Princess Consort Seungpyeong of the Suncheon Park clan (승평부부인 순천 박씨, 昇平府夫人 順天朴氏). Husband: Grand Prince Jean (제안대군, 齊安大君) (13 February 1466 - 14 December 1525); Queen Ansun’s son
    • Adoptive cousin − Yi Pa (이파, 李葩) (13 January 1515 - 15 September 1571)


  • Older sister − Lady Papyeong of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평현부인 윤씨, 坡平縣夫人 尹氏) (1485 - 16 January 1536). Husband: Yi Yi, Prince Deokpung (덕풍군 이이, 德豊君 李恞) (1485 - 1506)[7]
    • Nephew − Yi Ju, Prince Parim (파림군 이주, 坡林君 李珘) (1500 - 1541)
    • Nephew − Yi Yu, Prince Gyerim (계림군 이유, 桂林君 李瑠) (? - 1545)[8]
    • Nephew − Yi Ri (전성부정 이리, 全城副正 李璃)
  • Older sister − Princess Consort Papyeong of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평군부인 윤씨, 坡平郡夫人 尹氏). Husband: Yi Jeong, Prince Palgye (팔계군 이정, 八溪君 李淨)
  • Older sister − Lady Yun Cheon-deok (윤천덕, 尹千德) (1488 - ?). Husband: Kim Hun (김혼, 金渾) of the Gangneung Kim clan
  • Older brother − Yun Im (윤임, 尹任) (1487 - 30 August 1545). Wives: (a) Lady Yi of the Yeoheung Yi clan (정부인 증 정경부인 여흥이씨) (? - 1528) (b) Lady Gwak of the Hyeonpung Gwak clan (정부인 증 정경부인 현풍곽씨) (1517 - 1589)
  • Younger sister − Lady Yun (윤씨, 尹氏). Husband: Yi Yeok-sun (이억손, 李億孫) of the Jeonju Yi clan; Prince Cheongan’s son
  • Younger half-sister − Yun Ok-chun (윤옥춘, 尹玉春) (1518 - ?)



  • Daughter − Princess Hyohye (13 June 1511 – 6 May 1531) (효혜공주). Husband: Kim Hui (? – 1531) (김희); son of Kim Ahn-ro (김안로, 金安老)
    • Granddaughter − Kim Seon-ok (김선옥, 金善玉) of the Yeonan Kim clan (연안 김씨, 延安 金氏) (1531 - ?). Husband: Yun Baek-won (윤백원, 尹百源) (1528 - 1589); Queen Munjeong’s nephew
  • Son − Yi Ho, King Injong (10 March 1515 – 7 August 1545) (조선 인종). Wife: Queen Inseong of the Bannam Park clan (7 October 1514 – 6 January 1578) (인성왕후 박씨)

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  1. ^ She is a distant relative of Heo Nanseolheon through her younger brother, Heo Gyun
  2. ^ Eventually married Queen Janggyeong’s older sister
  3. ^ He is a grandson of Han Hwak (Queen Insu’s father)
  4. ^ He eventually became the step-grandfather of Heo Nanseolheon
  5. ^ He married a great-granddaughter of King Sejong and Queen Soheon. Their 5th daughter became the stepmother of Heo Nanseolheon
  6. ^ She became a concubine for King Jungjong and had 3 children (1 son and 2 daughters)
  7. ^ Son of Grand Prince Wolsan and grandson of Queen Insu and King Deokjong
  8. ^ Became the adoptive son of Prince Gyeseong (a son of King Seongjong and Royal Consort Suk-ui of the Jinju Ha clan)
Queen Janggyeong
Papyeong Yun clan
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen Dangyeong
of the Geochang Shin clan
Queen consort of Joseon
1507 – 1515
Succeeded by
Queen Munjeong
of the Papyeong Yun clan