Queen's Anniversary Prize

The Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education are a biennially awarded series of prizes awarded to Universities and Colleges in the further and higher education sectors within the United Kingdom. Uniquely it forms part of the British honours system, to date rounds have occurred in 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019.


The prize is awarded by the Royal Anniversary Trust, a registered charity founded in 1990 to develop a program to mark 1992 as the 40th year of Elizabeth II's reign as British monarch. The program had these four goals:

  • celebrate the anniversary
  • establish an educational award
  • promote cultural awareness of the development of the United Kingdom's constitutional monarchy
  • to promote commerce, industry, and the advancement of education

Past winners have been recognized for work in a wide range of disciplines such as science, engineering, arts and the creative industries, education, the humanities, the environment and medicine.

The next round of winners will be introduced in Autumn of 2019.

The educational award which the Royal Anniversary Trust established was the Queen's Anniversary Prize.[1]

Prize winnersEdit


Category Winning institution Winning department or division Rationale
Engineering & Technology Heriot-Watt University Petroleum Engineering UK's leading academic and research department in its field
Environment Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Centre for Environmental Technology leading player in the development of a Master of Science degree for environmental management
Engineering & Technology Loughborough University partnership with the aerospace industry
Medicine, Health & Welfare Luton Sixth Form College encouraging student volunteer involvement in health education, especially for HIV prevention
The Arts Royal College of Art promoting manufacturing design for the needs of senior citizens


Category Winning institution Winning department, division or project
Engineering & Technology Leeds Metropolitan University Technology transfer and support for small and medium sized businesses.
Engineering & Technology University of Strathclyde Electrical power engineering: teaching and research.
Engineering & Technology University of Surrey Engineering for the space industry: teaching and research for satellite operations.
Environment Queen's University Belfast Environmental research & training in partnership with industry.
Humanities, Social Sciences & Law University of Birmingham The Wroxeter Project: archaeology, technology and the community.
International Dimensions Liverpool Hope University The Ladakh Project: teaching and training in India for Tibetans.
International Dimensions UMIST Technical education. technology transfer and academic and trade relations with Japan.
International Dimensions SOAS International distance learning: economics and finance for senior executives.
Medicine, Health & Welfare University of Exeter Diabetes and vascular health education and research: microvascular processes and associated work.
Medicine, Health & Welfare University of Hull Social work: consultancy, teaching and research.
Medicine, Health & Welfare King's College London Medical law and ethics: teaching, research and public debate.
Medicine, Health & Welfare University of Oxford Molecular medicine: collaborative research and transfer of results.
Science and Mathematics University of Manchester Biological sciences: multidisciplinary teaching and research.
Science and Mathematics University of York Computer science: teaching, research and transfer of technology.
The Arts University of Edinburgh Music in the community: a course for advanced music students relating to public work in the community.
The Arts London Institute Paper conservation: teaching and technology


Category Winning institution Rationale
Education & Training Middlesex University Creation of materials for technology teaching in schools.
Education & Training Lampeter University Accreditation and up-skilling of workers from the voluntary sector.
Engineering & Technology UMIST Engineering and technology in industry: advanced degree programmes.
Engineering & Technology Swansea University Industry oriented degrees in materials engineering.
Humanities, Social Sciences & Law University of Reading Shakespearean research: Internet and the Globe Theatre.
Humanities, Social Sciences & Law University of Sheffield Humanities research: new cultural access through IT.
International Dimensions Loughborough University International development engineering: teaching, training, research and consultancy for developing countries.
International Dimensions Royal Holloway Information security: teaching and research in a crucial IT field.
Medicine, Health & Welfare University of Dundee Minimal access surgery: new techniques and treatments.
Medicine, Health & Welfare University of Exeter Children's health and exercise: research and dissemination.
Medicine, Health & Welfare University of Cardiff Chemiluminescence: research and development in clinical diagnosis.
Science & Mathematics University of Cambridge Mathematics applied: the Isaac Newton Centre.
Science & Mathematics University of Glasgow Computing science: teaching and research.
The Arts Arts University Bournemouth Education for the film industry.
The Arts London Institute - Central Saint Martins Creativity and innovation in fashion education
The Arts Royal Northern College of Music Teaching of musical instruments to large groups.


Category Winning institution Rationale
University of Aberdeen Health service research leading to improvements in academic and clinical practice and delivery of health care
Arts University Bournemouth Distinguished degree level education in costume design for the UK’s leading creative industries
University of Birmingham Advanced engineering and innovative technology in support of the developing UK rail industry
Cardiff University Diagnosis and treatment of vision problems in children with Down’s Syndrome
Cranfield University Large-scale soil and environmental data for sustainable use of the natural resources in the UK and worldwide
Durham University Leading influential research on parent-infant sleep, with a widely-used public information service
University of East Anglia Combined natural, social and environmental sciences to advance understanding and protection of the environment
University of Edinburgh Clinical innovations to respond to major unmet needs in women’s health
University of Essex Authoritative social and economic research to inform the policies of governments for the improvement of people’s lives
University of Glasgow The Historical Thesaurus of English, a unique resource for scholarship, education and creativity
Harper Adams University Innovative applications in agricultural engineering and technologies to address UK and global food security
Institute of Cancer Research Pre-eminent work in cancer drug discovery with benefits to patients globally
University of Liverpool A lead role in drug safety, drug design and improvements of existing therapies with outstanding work on HIV
London School of Economics and Political Science Training, research and policy formation for cities of the future and a new generation of urban leaders in other countries
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Responding to the Ebola crisis with clinical action, local training and new preventative strategies
National Film and Television School Specialist training for film and television to provide exceptional and recognised talent for the UK creative economy
University of Southampton Innovations in photonics that enhance the global fibre internet, laser manufacturing, next generation computing and new optical technologies
University of Surrey Leading research and teaching in food and nutrition informing public policy on diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and other dietary related issues

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