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Quantum Computation and Quantum Information is a textbook about quantum information science written by Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang, regarded as a standard text on the subject.[1] It is informally known as "Mike and Ike", after the candies of that name.[2] The book assumes minimal prior experience with quantum mechanics and with computer science, aiming instead to be a self-contained introduction to the relevant features of both. (Lov Grover recalls a postdoc disparaging it with the remark, "The book is too elementary — it starts off with the assumption that the reader does not even know quantum mechanics."[3]) The focus of the text is on theory, rather than the experimental implementations of quantum computers, which are discussed more briefly.[4]

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information.jpg
AuthorMichael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang
SubjectQuantum information science
PublisherCambridge University Press
Publication date
2000 (first ed.)
2010 (second ed.)

As of February 2018, the book has been cited over 31,000 times on Google Scholar.[5]

Table of Contents (Tenth Anniversary Edition)Edit


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