Quality press

Quality press is a category of British newspapers in national circulation distinguished by their seriousness. The category used to be called "broadsheet" until several papers adopted a tabloid printing format. Both The Times and The Independent adopted a tabloid format in 2004. The Guardian adopted a Berliner format in 2005, before switching to tabloid in January 2018.

Circulation figures for the quality press have been falling in recent times, and in December 2009 it was reported that readership of The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, and Financial Times had decreased over the previous 12 months.[1]

"Quality press" titlesEdit

Title Published Format Est. Owner Orientation Political party support in 2019 General Election
The Times Daily Compact 1785 News Corporation Centre-right Conservative Party[2]
The Sunday Times Sunday Broadsheet 1822 News Corporation Centre-right Conservative Party
The Guardian Daily Compact 1821 Scott Trust Limited Centre-left Labour Party[3]
The Observer Sunday Compact 1791 Scott Trust Limited Centre-left None (Encouraged tactical voting against the Conservatives)[4]
Financial Times Daily Broadsheet 1888 Nikkei Inc. Centre None[5]
The Daily Telegraph Daily Broadsheet 1855 Barclay brothers' Press Holdings Right-wing Conservative Party[6]
The Sunday Telegraph Sunday Broadsheet 1961 Barclay brothers' Press Holdings Right-wing Conservative Party[7]
i Daily Compact 2010 Daily Mail and General Trust Centre None[8]


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