Quality Hotel 33, Oslo

Quality Hotel 33 is a hotel in the Nordic Choice Hotels placed by the National Road 163 number 33 at Økern in Oslo. The name comes of the address.

Quality Hotel 33
Østre Aker vei - fasade 18.03.2012 14-04-25.JPG
Fascade towards northeast
Quality Hotel 33, Oslo is located in Oslo
Quality Hotel 33, Oslo
Location in Oslo
General information
Coordinates59°55′40″N 10°49′00″E / 59.92778°N 10.81667°E / 59.92778; 10.81667
Technical details
Floor count9
Other information
Number of rooms242
Number of restaurants2

The hotel is placed in the former administration building of the Standard Telephones and Cables, drawn by architect Erling Viksjø. The building was refurbished to become a hotel in 2007.[1]



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