Quala S.A. is a multi-national massive production enterprise that creates and distributes food, beverages, personal care products, ice-based desserts, and candies, among others. Its headquarters is located in Bogotá (Colombia) operating also in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.[1] They sell a large amount of dairy products within Colombia. [2]

Quala S.A.
Company typeS.A.
IndustryMassive consumption
Founded1980 in Bogotá
ProductsDairy products, Mass consumption products
Number of employees



In 1980,[3] Michael de Rhodes founded Quala in a small warehouse in Bogotá. There a group of 7 people started the production of Instacrem. During 1983 Quala relocated to its new and lager headquarters situated on Bogotá. It is a large company within Colombia with its variety of products for daily use or consumption.


  • Colombia: InstaCrem, BatiCrema, Batilado, Quipitos, Hogareña, La Sopera, Frutiño, Gelatina Frutiño, Gallina, FamiliaYá, BonIce, Activade, Del Fogón, LightYá, Ricostilla, Gelagurt, Savital, Yogoso, Popetas, PulpiFruta, Fortident, Gustiarroz, Sasóned, Frutive, Ego, Boka, SunTea, Vive 100, Aromatel, Don Gustico, BioExpert, Nutribela and Cerebrit.
  • Dominican Republic: Doña Gallina, El Criollito, Frutimax, Juvena, Disfruta, JugosYá, Ricostilla and SkimIce.
  • Venezuela: BonIce, El Criollito, Frutimax, Ricostilla, Savital, Fortident and Ego.
  • Ecuador: Aromatel, Ego, Savital, Fortident, BonIce, BonTea, Yogoso, JugosYá, Doña Gallina and Quipitos.
  • Mexico: Bonice, YogurIce, Frutimax, Gelafrut, Ego, Vive 100%, Savilé, Suntea and Riko Pollo, BioExpert and Refresco Mexicana con Orgullo.
  • Peru: Savital, Ego and BonTea.


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