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Joie Qu Ying (simplified Chinese: 瞿颖; traditional Chinese: 瞿穎; pinyin: Qú Yǐng; born July 2, 1971 in Changsha, Hunan) is a Chinese model and actress.


She graduated from the modern drama class at the Artistic School of Hunan, and later became a cast member in the Hunan Repertory Theatre. In 1990, she started working as a professional model as she joined a fashion show team in Beijing. Then she participated, and ended up as a runner-up, in the New Silk Road Chinese Modeling Competition(新丝路中国模特大赛)in 1991.[1]

Modeling careerEdit

After the modeling competition, Qu acted in a large number of television series and films. First in series "Plum Woman" in 1990, the most memorable ones are "Love Talks"(真情告白) and its spinoff sequel, "Adieu". She also started her singing career when she released her debut album "Fly With Me" in 1994. She signed with music record company BMG in 1997 and released four other albums up to date.

Qu has been called "China's first generation of supermodel,"[2] and has represented international brands such as Pantene and Maybelline cosmetics.[citation needed]

In 2007, Qu agreed to take the host spot for China's Next Top Model (CNTM閃亮模坊), the Chinese version of American reality show America's Next Top Model.[3] When the show began, however, the producers, chose Chinese supermodel Li Ai to host the show.

Qu Ying is currently living happily in the town of Beijing, China.[citation needed]




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