Kul Sharif

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Kul Sharif or Qol Şärif (Tatar: Кол Шәриф; Russian: Кул-Шариф; died 1552) was an Old Tatar language-poet, statesman, university professor and imam of the Khanate of Kazan.[citation needed]

A modern painting depicting the siege of Kazan

He participated in some diplomatic missions on behalf of Kazan khans to the Tsardom of Russia and there carried out negotiations for the khanate's independence.[citation needed]

In 1552 he was one of leaders of Kazan's defense against the Russian troops of Ivan the Terrible. He also participated in the negotiations with Russian representatives in Sviyazhsk (Zöyä). After the Siege of Kazan started, he organized a group of students and defended the Khan Palace. He was killed during the battle.[citation needed]

Later, four of his poems were included in "The Book of Baqırğan". Qolşärif's literary legacy was published in "İ küñel, bu dönyadır (O soil, may be this world...)", a collection of verses (Kazan, 1997). It is believed that the authorship of the dastan "Qíssai Xöbbi xuca" also belongs to him. It was published in 1889.[citation needed]

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