The Qitaihe bombing was a mass murder that occurred during a film screening attended by 900 people at the Fuqiang Brigade Club (富强大队俱乐部), in Dongfeng (东风公社), a commune in Qitaihe, Heilongjiang, China on December 1, 1979, when two brothers, Xu Fenghao (徐凤浩) and Xu Fengde (徐凤德), detonated a bomb that killed 86 people and wounded 222 others, 35 of them seriously. During four nights the two had buried five bombs consisting of a total of 180 kg of stolen explosives, 15 kg of gasoline and diesel, and 30 detonators at the club. The case was solved 55 days later. Both were sentenced to death.[1]

Qitaihe bombing
LocationQitaihe, Heilongjiang, China
DateDecember 1, 1979
Attack type
Bombing, mass murder
PerpetratorXu Fenghao
Xu Fengde

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