Qasr Ibrahim

Qasr Ibrahim (Ibrahim Palace) is a historical castle and fort located in Hofuf, Al-Hasa, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Ibrahim palace is the main architectural heritage from the Ottoman period of Al-Hofuf [1] that was a Turkish military barracks [2].

Old photograph of Ibrahim Palace


It was built in 1556 by Ali Ibn Ahmed Ibn Lawand Al-Burayki, the Ottoman governor of the time. The castle was renovated in 1801 by the Saudi governor Ibrahim Ibn ‘Ufaysan. Several historians believe that the castle was named after him [3].


It is considered as one of the major architectural masterpieces in Alhasa and it combines Islamic and military architecture [2] [3].


In 2018, Al-ahsa oasis became the fifth Saudi site to be registered on the UNESCO world heritage [4]. Ibrahim palace is one of 12 sites that were designated as world heritage site within alhasa [2].


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Coordinates: 25°22′44″N 49°35′12″E / 25.3789°N 49.5868°E / 25.3789; 49.5868