Qasim II of Astrakhan

Qasim II khan (died 1532) was a ruler of Astrakhan Khanate in 1532. He was a son of Big Horde's khan Sayed Akhmad, and a grandson of Akhmat. He occupied Xacitarxan throne with the help of Nogays. He was a supporter of centralization policy. He is known to send a letter to Ottoman sultan Süleyman in 1531/1532. He was deposed and killed by Aq Kübek. For uncertainties and additional information see the second part of List of Astrakhan khans.

Qasim II
Khan of the Tatar Astrakhan Khanate
PredecessorAbdal-Karim Khan Astrakhani
SuccessorAq Kubek of Astrakhan

Qasim II of Astrakhan
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ghabdelkarim of Astrakhan
Khan of Astrakan
Succeeded by
Aq Kübek