The Qarqarçay (Gargarchay; Armenian: Կարկառ, romanizedKarkar) is a river located in Azerbaijan, in the drainage basin of the Kura. Parts of the river flow through the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh. Its length is 115 kilometres (71 mi), the area of the basin is 1,490 square kilometres (580 sq mi).[1] The river begins on the Karabakh Plateau at the altitude of 2,080 metres (6,820 ft) and is formed by the confluence of the rivers Zarysly and Khalfali.[1] The main tributaries are Ballyja, Badara and Daghdaghan. The Qarqar is fed by the rain, snow and underground waters.

Kaňon řeky Karkar, Náhorní Karabach.jpg
Canyon of the Qarqarçay
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
40°09′32″N 47°32′06″E / 40.15889°N 47.53500°E / 40.15889; 47.53500Coordinates: 40°09′32″N 47°32′06″E / 40.15889°N 47.53500°E / 40.15889; 47.53500
Length115 km (71 mi)
Basin size1,490 km2 (580 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionKuraCaspian Sea

The Askeran fortress is situated on the banks of the Qarqar.

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