Pyrofomes is a genus of fungi in the family Polyporaceae. The genus was circumscribed by Czech mycologists František Kotlaba and Zdenek Pouzar in 1964.[1] The type species, Pyrofomes demidoffii, was once considered a widespread species with a distribution that included East Africa, Middle Asia, Europe, and North America. DNA evidence demonstrated that North American collections represented a lineage that was different than European collections. The North American sibling was reinstated as P. juniperinus in 2017.[2]

Pyrofomes demidoffii
Scientific classification

Kotl. & Pouzar (1964)
Type species
Pyrofomes demidoffii
(Lév.) Kotl. & Pouzar (1964)

P. albomarginatus
P. castanopsidis
P. demidoffii
P. fulvoumbrinus
P. juniperinus
P. lateritius
P. perlevis
P. tricolor

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References edit

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