Putra Nababan

Putra Nababan (born 28 July 1974) is an Indonesian newsreader, journalist and editor in chief of MetroTV. He has received four Panasonic Gobel awards.

Putra Nababan
James Putra nababan.jpg
James Parulian Putra Nababan

(1974-07-28) 28 July 1974 (age 47)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Spouse(s)Mira Maria Melati Sirait
  • Aubriel Mutiara Aza Nababan
  • Gabriel Indonesia Prinz Nababan

Early life and educationEdit

Nababan was born with the name James Parulian Putra Nababan in Jakarta on 28 July 1974. According to his parents Panda Nababan and Ria Purba, the name James is used abroad, Parulian is used in his hometown, Putra is used throughout Indonesia, while Nababan is his family name. He is second of three children.[1]

Nababan moved to Sioux City, Iowa, United States, in 1988 to continue his studies through a student exchange. He graduated from high school in one year. Influenced by his father, he chose to be a journalist. He enrolled in the department of journalism of Midland Lutheran College, Fremont, Nebraska, at the age of 16. He graduated three years later.[2] During his time in college, he held a part-time job as a security guard for two years.[3]


After returning to Indonesia, Nababan worked for Forum Keadilan magazine, Koran Merdeka (later renamed Rakyat Merdeka), and Metro TV. He has worked for RCTI since 2004.[2]

In 2008, PDI Perjuangan offered to make him a legislative candidate for the party in the 2009 election, but he refused.[4] In March 2010, he interviewed US President Barack Obama about his childhood in Indonesia.[5]

Year Career Position
1992 YAKOMA Mass-communication-firm Investigator
1994-1995 Forum Keadilan Magazine Reporter
1995-2001 Rakyat Merdeka Newspaper Managing Editor
2001-2004 Metro TV Presenter, Chief Reporter
2005-2008 Trijaya Radio Host program POLEMIK
2008-2012 RCTI TV Deputy Chief Editor, News Anchor
2012-2017 Metro TV & metrotvnews
  • Editor in Chief of Metro TV
  • News Anchor
  • Editor in Chief of metrotvnews.com
  • CEO of metrotvnews.com
  • Advisor to CEO Metro TV
2016–present idtalent Founder & Chief Operating Officer of idtalent.id

In the 2019 Indonesian legislative election, Nababan ran as a PDI-P candidate from Jakarta's 1st electoral district and won a seat in the People's Representative Council.[6]


Nababan has received four Panasonic Gobel awards for Best News Presenter in 2009,[7] 2010,[1] 2011[8] and 2012.[9]

Personal lifeEdit

Nababan and Mira Maria Melati Sirait dated for nine and a half years before marrying on 14 February 2004; together they have two children, named Aubriel Mutiara Aza Nababan and Gabriel Indonesia Prinz Nababan.[2]


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