Pushya is a nakshatra in Indian astrology. Some texts refer to it as Tishya, meaning "to look". It corresponds to γ, δ, and θ Cancri in the Cancer (constellation). Bharata, brother of Rama, was born under this Nakshatra. In the epic Mahabharata, the marriage of Draupadi to the five Pandavas takes place when the Moon enters this Nakshatra.

Pushya is known as Poosam in Tamil and Pooyam in Malayalam. Swaminarayan was born under this Nakshatra. It is also mentioned in the story of the birth of Buddha.

Astrological naming conventionEdit

Under the traditional Hindu principle of naming individuals according to their Chandra/Moon nakshatra, the following Sanskrit syllables correspond with this Nakshatra, and would belong at the beginning of a first name:

  • Hu (pronounced as in "who")
  • He (pronounced as in "heavenly")
  • Ho (pronounced as it appears)
  • Da (pronounced as in "Rhonda")

The birthstone associated with this nakshatra is blue sapphire or NEELAM, because it is ruled by the planet Saturn according to Vedic astrology. Also use PEARL because Pushya falls in the Cancer or KARKATAKA sign.[citation needed] Traditionally, many people buy gold on the day of this Nakshatra. In Maharashtra, India Gurupushya yoga ( the moon transiting pushya nakshtra on Thursday is considered very auspicious to buy gold. When Pushya fall on a Sunday it is called as Ravi Pushya Yoga or also known as Ravi Pushya Nakshatra Yoga. This is very important for knowledge of Tantra and Mantra. Shopping for upcoming marriages, events and festivals as this time is considered auspicious to buy all sort of new items.

Also , Of the 16 samskaras mentioned in ayurveda, One called as Suvarnaprashan Samskara is done on the day of pushya nakshatra.