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PureVia is a stevia-based low calorie sugar substitute developed jointly by Pepsico and Whole Earth Sweetener Company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of artificial sweetener manufacturing company Merisant.[1]

It is currently distributed and marketed by Whole Earth Sweetener Company as a tabletop sweetener and as a food ingredient. PureVia competes against Coca-Cola and Cargill's jointly developed Truvia brand of stevia-extract sweetener and Cumberland Packing Corporation's 'Stevia in the Raw' stevia-extract sweetener.


Ingredients and SafetyEdit

PureVia is a blend of several different ingredients. It contains dextrose, natural flavors as well as the stevia extract rebaudioside A.[2]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined in December 2008 that rebaudioside A is safe for inclusion as a food additive.[3]

Food ingredientEdit

PureVia is used as a sweetener in SoBe Lifewater which is manufactured by PepsiCo. It is also used in Trop50 and Gatorade G2.


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