Puls Biznesu

Puls Biznesu (lit. Business' Pulse) is a Polish-language daily newspaper devoted to business and economic issues.[1]

Puls Biznesu
TypeDaily business newspaper
Owner(s)Bonnier Business
Founder(s)Dagens Industri
Founded1997; 25 years ago (1997)
Circulation10,539 (October 2016)

History and profileEdit

Puls Biznesu was established by Dagens Industri in 1997.[2][3] It is published by Bonnier Business (Polska) company, a Polish branch of the Swedish Bonnier Group.[4][5] The newspaper features daily thematic add-ons: Real estate (published on Tuesdays), business and technology (Wednesdays), transport and forwarding (Thursdays) and job and career (Fridays). The newspaper also owns a web portal intended for stock market investors.

Puls Biznesu presents Gazele Biznesu awards to the Polish companies.[6] The paper is the recipient of the 2004 Society for News Design award.[7] The daily was awarded by the Chamber of Press Publishers GrandFront 2010 prize for its front page on 12 April 2010.[8]

The circulation of Puls Biznesu was 23,282 copies in January–February 2001.[5] The 2005 circulation of the daily was about 45,000 copies.[6] It was 20,399 copies in 2006.[9]

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