Pullingers Art Shop (aka Pullingers) is a chain of art shops with four retail outlets in Farnham, Kingston upon Thames and Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom and online at Pullingers.com.

Pullingers are owned and operated by the John Watson & Co partnership, trading as Pullingers Stationers & Pullingers Art Shop.


Established in 1850,[1] Pullingers started with a store in Farnham, Surrey operating as Pullingers Stationers and is now thought to be Farnham's oldest surviving business.[2]

The last of the Pullinger family to own the business sold it to The Farnham Castle Newspaper Group in 1979 upon his retirement. The business was then sold to the Watson family in 1993 and has remained under their ownership to the present day.

In 2000 Pullingers opened a new store in Fife Road, Kingston upon Thames. In 2004 they opened in Epsom's High Street and in 2008 they expanded online with a secure shopping service.



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