Puli Thevan was a Tamil Polygar who ruled Nerkattumseval, situated in the Sankarankoil taluk, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.[1][2] He is notable for being the first king to fight against the imperial British rule in India.[3][4]

Puli Thevar
Palaiyakkarar of Nerkattumseval
Puli Thevar Statue in his Nerkattumseval Palace 2013-08-12 06-35.jpeg
Puli Thevan Statue in his Nerkattumseval Palace
Reign1 September 1715 – 16 October 1767
Nerkattum seval
Diedaround 1767
Tamil Nadu
SpouseKayalkani Nachiyar
FatherChitraputra Thevan
MotherSivagnanam Nachiyar

Early LifeEdit

Puli Thevar, who use the title Thevar, was born in the Maravar community in the Puli Nadu, a smaller region of the Pandya Nadu.Venni Kaladi, was the general for puli thevar army.[5]

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