Puerto Rico in the OTI Festival

Puerto Rico and its OTI member station, Telemundo Puerto Rico (Now WKAQ-TV) was one of the founding countries of the OTI Festival and debuted in the show in 1972 in Madrid, competing uninterruptedly from the very first edition until the last show held in Acapulco in 2000.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Member stationTelemundo Puerto RIco (WKAQ-TV)
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary
First appearance1972
Best result1º 1974
1º 1980
Worst result18th 1982
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Puerto Rico, whose broadcaster selected its performers internally, had a promising start in the OTI Song Contest. In fact, the broadcaster always selected big names in order to compete in the event. The Caribbean island won the contest on two occasions, the first time with Nydia Caro and her song "Hoy sólo canto por cantar" (Today I just sing for singing) in 1974. This song, composed by Ricardo Cerrato, was enormously popular and very controversial for being considered an "anti-protest" song.[1]

Six years later, in Buenos Aires, the Puerto Rican branch of Telemundo recorded its second victory in the festival with Rafael José and his song "Contigo, mujer" (With you woman), which was composed by Laureano Brizuela and Ednita Nazario.[2]

Apart from their victories, the country managed to reach the top 10 in 8 occasions, but from 1983 on, the results of Puerto Rico in the contest started declining, In fact, since then, Telemundo was unable to reach the top ten positions again, until the last edition of the show in 2000, when the country got the second place with the media personality, José Vega Santana and his song "Con una canción" (With one song).

Telemundo Puerto Rico, hosted the OTI Festival in 1975 after the victory of Nydia Caro the previous year, according to the original rules of the show. The venue of the contest were the TV Studios of Telemundo in San Juan. The broadcaster created a colorful stage with a central platform and an orchestra section in the background.


Lou Briel Represented Puerto Rico in the OTI Festival in 1984
Year Artist Song Place Pts
2000 José Vega Santana Con una canción (With one song) 2
1998 Ariana Yo te propongo (I suggest to you)
1997 Ángel Joel Peña Almas solas (Lonely souls)
1996 Porto Latino Ay, amor (Oh, Love)
1995 Carlos Alberto Fortuño Latinoamericano (Latin American)
1994 Jéssica Cristina Lo que te toca vivir

(What it's time for you to live)

1993 Rumba y Bembé Que siga la rumba (Let the rhumbe go on)
1992 Brenda Reyes Atrapada en el tiempo (Catch the time)
1991 José Juan Tañón Nuestra voz (Our voice) SF
1990 Ivonne Briel La mujer que sueños vé

(The woman who sees dreams)

1989 Aldo Matta ¿Por qué no volverás?

(Why won't you return?)

1988 Sandra Roger Para ser feliz (To be happy) 14 0
1987 Marisol Calero Soy mujer (I'm a woman)
1986 Maggy Solos tú y yo, nadie más

(Justo you and me, nobody else)

1985 Juan Manuel Lebrón[3] Represento (I represent)
1984 Lou Briel Todo llega (Everything comes)
1983 Edgardo Huertas Navegaré (I will sail)
1982 Lunna Sin tu música (Without your music) 18 5
1981 Glen Monroig Mírame a los ojos (Look into my eyes) 15 8
1980 Rafael José Contigo Mujer (With you woman) 1 36
1979 Ednita Nazario Cadenas de fuego (Fire chains) 5 21
1978 Rafael José Háblame (Talk to me) 4 35
1977 Aquamarina Piel Dormida (Aesleep skin) 6 3
1976 Eduardo Delgado ¿Quién? (Who?) 15 1
1975 Los Hispanos ¿Dónde vas, amigo?

(Where are you going to?, Friend?)

5 5
1974 Nydia Caro Hoy sólo canto por cantar

(Today I sing just for singing)

1 18
1973 Óscar Solo Yo quiero una orquesta (I want an orchestra) 6 5
1972 Chucho Avellanet Por ti (For you) 4 6
Ednita Nazario Represented Puerto Rico in 1979


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