Publius Porcius Laeca

Publius Porcius Laeca was the name of several Romans in the Republican era, including:

Publius Porcius Laeca (tribune 199 BC)Edit

P. Porcius Laeca was tribune of the plebs in 199 BC, when he prevented Lucius Manlius Acidinus from entering Rome to celebrate an ovation granted by the senate.[1] As tribune, he proposed the Lex Porcia. In 196, he was one of the tresviri epulones.[2] He was assigned as praetor in 195 to Pisa with the task of fighting the Ligurians.

Publius Porcius Laeca (senator 63 BC)Edit

A P. Porcius Laeca was a senator in 63 BC and participated in the Catilinarian conspiracy.[3]

Publius Porcius Laeca (monetalis)Edit

In 110–109 BC, a P. Porcius Laeca was a moneyer (monetalis).[4]


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