Pruzhany Palace

Pruzhany Palace (Belarusian: Пружанскі палацык) is a museum in the town of Pruzhany in Brest Voblast, western Belarus. It is a nineteenth century mansion, at 50 Savetskaya Street. The building is a monument of manor architecture from the Neo-Renaissance era.[1]

Pruzhany Palace


The museum has a rich collection on the history and art of the region. About 8000 tourists visit the museum annually. The museum has more than 6000 pieces, mostly donated.[2]

Architectural EnsembleEdit

The palace grounds include a two-storey stone house with two wings, and a reconstructed greenhouse.


A wide lane provides access from the town to the palace grounds, situated on a landscaped park. The eight square kilometre park holds a variety of trees which include ash, alders, hornbeams, and oak. It was designed by the wealthy Polish landlord Walenty Szwykowski in the mid-nineteenth century.

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