Provincial Highways of Gilgit-Baltistan

The Provincial Highways of Gilgit-Baltistan consists of all public highways maintained by Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The Gilgit-Baltistan Highway Department under the Planning & Development Department maintains over 715 kilometres (444 mi) of roadways organised into various classifications which crisscross the province and provide access to major population centers.[1] These are not to be confused with national highways which are federal roads maintained by the Government of Pakistan and the National Highway Authority.

List of Provincial HighwaysEdit

Provincial Highways of Gilgit-Baltistan
Highway Course Length Existing Via Lanes Remarks
Khaplu–Gayari Road KhapluGayari 88 km 86 km via 1 Complete
Sakisa–Gyong La Road SakisaGyong La 24 km 24 km via 1 Complete
Shyok Valley Road
SkarduKhaplu 96 km 96 km via 2 Complete
Skardu–Kargil Road SkarduKharmang 126 km 126 km via 1 Complete
Skardu–Shigar Road SkarduShigar 35 km 35 km via 2 Complete
Gilgit–Nomal–Naltar Road
Naltar Valley Road
GilgitNomal - Naltar Lake 55 km 55 km via 2 Complete
Gilgit–Shandur Road (Taken over by NHA) GilgitShandur 212 km 212 km via 2 Complete
Continues as KP Highway 2
Gahkuch–Ishkoman Road
Ishkoman Valley Road
GahkuchIshkoman 48 km 48 km via 1 Complete
Karambar River Road IshkomanKarambar Glacier 33 km 33 km via 1 Complete
Ganish–Nagar–Hispar Road GanishHispar 39 km 39 km via Nagar Khas 1 Complete
Nagar–Hoppar Road NagarHopar 13 km 136 km via 1 Complete
Sas Valley Road MurtazaabadNagar Khas 16 km 16 km via 1 Complete
In total 715 km 715 km

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